Express Your Divine Femininity!

Fall in Love with Yourself!
Create a Life of Beauty for Yourself!

with the


Get in touch with your sacred feminine self and 

 bring out the goddess within so you can 

finally fall in love with yourself 

and live a life that's full of beauty and joy. 

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In every woman’s journey there comes a time where it has to be "all about you."  

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Unfortunately, in today's society, so many women have lost touch with their divine feminine essence because the workplace demands that women perform with masculine energy and the media imposes on us their unrealistic standards of beauty that cause so many of us to not accept the way her body looks.

80% of women don't believe they are beautiful.

This can cause the modern woman to suffer self-rejection, become frustrated, feel lost, lacking in confidence, not believe in herself, feel apathetic, be discouraged, feel small, wounded, invisible, afraid to be seen and even sink into depression. 

Nobody may ever know that a woman may be crying for help inside and all she wants is to be seen, appreciated and loved and feel like the woman-goddess that she truly is.  

What if you could find your way?

Just imagine that you could...

-  Recognize your inner beauty!

-  Feel inspired and have more joy in your life!

-  Get in touch with your divine feminine self!

-  Give yourself a new sense of self esteem and confidence!

-  Release your divine feminine beauty so you can finally fall in love with yourself! 

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-  Bring out the goddess within that has been dormant for so long inside of you!

-  See yourself in a new light!

-  Get noticed more by the world because your hidden goddess has been uncovered! 

-  Recognize that you are beautiful!

-  Live a more fulfilling life expressing yourself every day as a goddess!

Look and feel like a goddess
and finally fall in love with yourself! 

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Every woman is a goddess, that incudes you, yes YOU!

With the Goddess Photo Experience, not only will you get in touch with your sacred self and embrace your divine feminine so you can look and feel like a goddess and live a life of joy in the full expression of your divine beauty...

You will also see yourself in an extraordinary new light and you will leave a legacy for the world and your loved ones with your new masterpieces of beautiful wall decor for your home and office.

As a newly discovered goddess, you will be inspired by your beautiful canvas wall photo-paintings portraying you as a true goddess in all your glory, radiance and magnificence so you can consistently be reminded of how you have brought out the goddess in you.

Are You Ready for a Goddess Transformation?

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Annie before Goddess Photo Experience

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Annie as Goddess Artemis during her Goddess Photo Experience

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Who can use the Goddess G.P.S.? 

The Goddess G.P.S. is designed for the woman who...

- Doesn’t believe she is beautiful

- Can’t accept a compliment

- Doesn’t like her body

- Lost weight and want to celebrate her new body

- Gone through plastic surgery and wants to celebrate her new look

- Doesn’t love herself

- Doesn’t speak nicely about herself

- Is in an unhealthy relationship

- Has survived divorce and wants to celebrate her new status of being a single, independent beautiful lady

- Has overcome challenges or difficult situation and need to reward and celebrate yourself

- Has never like any photos of herself

- Has never done and professional photos

- Is single and want to be more attractive for potential mate

- Loves herself as she is and simply wants to celebrate herself (If this feeling applies to you, you are in the rare 5% of women. Bravo to you!) 

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When you Embark on your Goddess Journey, you will...

- Get more confidence in yourself

- Accept yourself and the way you look

- Recognize yourself as a one-of-a-kind imprint of divine beauty

- Make a commitment to yourself

- Have a deeper connection to yourself

- Honor the sacred feminine in you 

- Feel the reverence for the divine in you

- Fall in love with yourself

- Celebrate yourself

Janice as Fairy

There's a Goddess in Every Woman  

Who would you really like to be? 

Angel? Fairy? Goddess Aphrodite? Goddess Artemis? Goddess Persephone? A queen, a hummingbird, mermaid or dragonfly, with the Goddess G.P.S., your fairy tale can become your reality! 

With her Goddess G.P.S. and a collection of over 120 goddess gowns, Yelena – Photographer of Joy, aka Fairy Godmother, will find the qualities you would like to embody and bring out your goddess within so the world can see you the way you really want to be seen; as your most sacred and divine feminine self.   

Annie as Goddess Aphrodite

Jody as an Angel 

Navigate Your Divine Feminine with the Goddess G.P.S.  

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On your Goddess Journey, you will: 

- Explore the dimensions of your Personal Goddess Archetype

- Entertain your inner little girl by playing dress-up from a collection of 129 beautiful goddess dresses

- Discover what natural environment for your Goddess Photo Experience feels more like home to your soul: woods, ocean, meadow, lake, etc.

-Enjoy a sacred feminine-connection goddess meditation

- Set your intentions for your goddess photo experience

- Experience the “Tears of Joy” photo viewing session to select your favorite goddess portrait photos

- Decide what kind of goddess-art pieces will best inspire your goddess self

- Write an inspired Love Letter to your goddess self

- Receive your inspirational Goddess-Self home and office art masterpieces for your home and office

The Ultimate Goddess Destination

After your Goddess Photo Experience you will never be the same because you will see sides of yourself that you never thought you had in you.  You will see, maybe for the first time in your life, that you are unquestionably beautiful and that YOU ARE A GODDESS!!! 

Yelena Yahontova

Photographer of Joy

Every woman deserves to be seen by someone who believes she is beautiful.

I am that person.

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Hello goddess, I am Yelena Yahontova - Healer with a Camera: Creator of the Goddess G.P.S. and your Photographer of Joy  


I took on a mission to help women to heal and transform how we women see ourselves. I am an award winning photography artist who invented the concept and pioneered the industry  of goddess photography, recipient of the Oscar of Photography – the Lucie Award 

With over 15 years in the photography industry I helped to discover and captured the divine feminine beauty of over 500 goddesses just like you! 

I will coach you. 

I will be your guide.

I will be your trusted friend. 

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One of the delightful Goddesses showing gratitude after her Goddess Photo Experience with Yelena 

I will create for you a loving, safe and sacred space, so you can relax, let go and feel fully supported. I will hold your hand through the whole process so that your divine feminine essence can open up, shine and blossom. 

My Personal Guarantee

  Not only that but I will  give you my personal guarantee that with the Goddess Photo Experience, you will fall in love with yourself and you will look and feel like a goddess or I will give your money back (has never happened in 16 years)

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Lori as a Sleeping Fairy


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Syndee as a Fairy of Joy


Beautify Your Home

with your Goddess Masterpiece on Canvas

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

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Unlike ordinary studio photographs where the lighting is artificial which makes you uncomfortable and restricted,  the Goddess Photo Experience is a high-end work of art.

Display an incomparable masterpiece created in nature, painting your beauty with natural sunlight light and printed on beautiful canvas wall art. 

Suitable and absolutely worthy of displaying or hanging on the walls of your home, your
goddess wall art masterpieces are the physical representation of your beauty, your goddess essence.       

Prices vary depending on number and size of goddess art pieces.


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Your Goddess Photo Experience   

A celebration of you and your feminine radiance! 

Create Your Love-Letter Keepsake Goddess Book

You could even immortalize your Goddess Photo Experience in a high-end 
hardbound book of up to 50 photos from your Goddess Photo Experience session. 

Don't Hide your Inner Goddess from the World any Longer!  

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Fall in love with yourself once and for all!!! 

Call your Fairy Godmother,

Yelena - Photographer of Joy

Call Now for Your Goddess Discovery Session


or e-mail 

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Navigate your divine feminine self with the

Goddess G.P.S.


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What the goddesses are saying... 

After using Goddess G.P.S. more than 500 happy goddesses enjoy their beautiful goddess art as their home decor

“When I first thought of having a large canvas of me as a goddess hanging on my wall to see every day, I said no way! Yet some inner voice kept urging me to put myself in front of Yelena’s camera. I found that Yelena’s goddess portrait experience is transformational. Yelena’s zest for life, artistic eye, kindness and expertise call forth a woman’s inner essence so that her true spirit can shine forth.  I fully committed to the experience and ordered 4 (!) of my absolutely favorite images on canvases two of which were really huge like a poster size canvases. :)

The photographs radiate vitality in my home office walls and one brings charm to our bedroom. The portraits have become part of my life and well-being. When I look at them I feel joy, love, confidence and inspiration. Celebrating our beautiful essence is not vanity but rather a deep thank you to the universe who created us and a recognition of self-worth.” 

~ Sky Jeannette , 68 years old, Blue Skies Healthy Living  

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Call Now for Your Goddess Discovery Session


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In this video Yelena talks about healing and transformation through the Goddess Photo Experience...



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